My first MP3 player


My first MP3 player is an iRiver2 IMP-250 CD/MP3 player. I bought it online in 2002 and this player has worked tirelessly and reliably for years and is still working now. It survived a drop or two with some internal plastic bit broken but it was easy to open up and repair.

It’s a great player and very well engineered.

* Produces high quality sound – one of a few that has published S/N ratio specifications, etc.
* Firmware upgradeable – I updated its firmware several times to support new file formats and bug fixes.
* Line out jack so I could connect it to my home hi-fi amplifier

However, when that got too big and I ran out of rechargeable AA batteries I end up hooking it up to an AC adaptor and leave it in one room as a CD / MP3 player.

I’ve now got it set up to play the sounds of ocean waves/surf at night and have it set to auto-sleep after 1 minute for a good night’s sleep!


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