My first flash-based MP3 player

After the CD-based MP3 player becomes too wieldy for my wife, plus I ran out of rechargeable AA batteries and didn’t want to buy a new set, I started looking for a flash based MP3 player.

There were many around but it was easy to settle on another iRiver model. This time it was the iRiver T60. I bought this from JB Hifi in 2007.

The reason this was chosen because iRiver makes well engineered media players with better sound quality and this model uses 1 AAA battery. AAA batteries (and rechargeable ones) are easily sourced off-the-shelf compared with proprietary Li-ion rechargeable batteries that are commonly used in other flash based digital audio players at the time and even now. I just didn’t like to have to send the player back to the manufacturer to get a battery replaced. So I went for the iRiver T60 that is the size of a cigarette lighter and runs on one AAA battery. It has 4G of flash which equates to about 6 CDs worth of MP3.

Well the usual thing happened. When I ran out of AAA batteries I adapted an AA battery cage from an unused IR DVD remote control to hold a couple of AA batteries and soldered in the DC wires onto the battery terminal of the iRiver T60, thus giving it the ability to use AA batteries that I seemed to have many around. I thought 2 half run-down AA batteries, each with about 0.8 V, when put in series would output around the nominal 1.5V to power the T60 – a remote battery pack! I had a supply of these half-full AA batteries plus some AA rechargeables around that lasted for a while.

The iRiver T60 has a tiny colour LCD screen and output good quality audio. My wife was happy using this as her portable music player.

Then she reported problem with the player cutting out. I found several teeth gnawing recurring problems. Battery terminals got corroded was one problem and the wired DC cable got internally broken was another. After several iterations of fixing these recurring problems enough is enough.

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