My successful schwannoma surgery

Abdominal schwannoma, removedOn this day 6 months ago I had my schwannoma surgery. It was a success! The surgeon Dr John Lumley skillfully removed the tumour from my abdomen. I went to the Intensive Care Unit over night and the next day went back into the operating theatre for another surgical procedure.

Over those two days I was fortunate to have the anaesthetist Dr Keith Brown, and another anaesthetist I was too knocked out on the second day to know the name of, taking good care of me in the operating theatre. I met several operating theatre assistants and nurses when I first entered the theatre but as I became anaesthesised I knew nothing about them afterward. I am sure they really took great care of me.

Thanks to the Universe, Buddha and God! Thank you to the great surgeon Dr John Lumley and the Wesley operating theatre assistants and anaesthetists! I am very grateful to have had them taking care of me and to have a second chance of life.

The schwannoma was removed from me and is out of my life. I have recovered mostly now and will be taking this second chance of life to improve my life, my being, mentally, emotional and physically.


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