The best Android-based MP3 Player

Well I wrote about the Cowon X7 hard drive based MP3 player last time, but that is the player I bought for my wife. She has been very pleased with the Cowon X7 and a pair of Monster Turbine High-Performance In-Ear Speakers.

I also wanted to buy one MP3 player for me to listen at work too.

For me I wanted an MP3 player that produces high quality sound plus is Android based and has reasonably long battery life.

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The Ultimate Hard Drive Based MP3 Player

I mostly enjoy listening to my music at home. My wife is the only one of us using portable MP3 players on the road regularly. Then one day I decided I want to listen to music while at work!

Plus I had enough of cleaning the battery terminals and repairing the kinked up and internally broken DC wires that powered my wife’s iRiver T-60 from a remote battery pack. So it was time to give her a new MP3 player and myself one too!
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